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Many years ago, the renowned English actor, Sir Charles Laughton, was preparing to speak to an audience at the University of North Carolina. As he was gathering his thoughts prior to the talk, he stepped into a courtyard garden that was filled with jonquils in full bloom. Responding to the beauty of that time and place, all of his emotions became focused in such a way that he was overwhelmed with tears. Such is the effect that the assembling beauty of nature can have on our hearts.

With our work, we are called to remember that what we do can speak to the heart at different times in different ways. The design of each place has a purpose specific to that place. But for each person in each place, the experience will be unique.

Owens Environmental Design was originally formed in 1991 as Richard E. Owens Associates, to serve private and public client groups through an environmental approach to Landscape Architecture. Our work reflects the inspirational union of art and science that defines the profession today.
We invite you to explore our portfolio and then contact us. We would love to assist with your next project.

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