Design Philosophy

The profession and practice of Landscape Architecture is a blend of science and art – providing solutions that help people use and enjoy the created world more fully. Every environmental design solution involves the composition of scenery and the arrangement of it in a place.

Every composition introduces something unique, either to the place or to the situation. There is not one unique solution to every place or situation, but every place is unique in its own way. Every design for a landscape should respond to what is special about that place. Just as every child is created uniquely to himself or herself, so should every place be a reflection of its own characteristics and geography.

At Owens Environmental Design, we believe that good environmental design provides varied enjoyments of a place – different experiences that are built on the varied elements of the place – and should create an overall experience that expresses an interesting but subtle whole. Every part of a landscape should contribute to what it becomes in the design process – what is above, below and on the land make up the design elements.

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